About the THA Health Information Network

The THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) was formed in 1999 by the Tennessee Hospital Association to assist member hospitals in meeting the requirements for hospital discharge data reporting mandated by State law.
Through partnerships with other associations and leading industry vendors, the THA HIN provides members with the additional products, services, consulting and technical support they need to improve their facility's efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care.

Our Mission

The mission of the THA Health Information Network is to provide the best, least work-intensive, most cost-effective data solution for THA and THA HIN members.
In the process, THA HIN will maintain control of both access to and release of data to the greatest extent possible.
Additionally, THA HIN will ensure availability of the quality analysis and consulting services needed by Tennessee hospitals, as well as meet all legal reporting requirements.

THA HIN Partners

Hospital Industry Data Institute
HIDI serves as our data processing and reporting vendor. HIDI, the data services subsidiary of the Missouri Hospital Association, currently collects, edits and reports UB discharge data on a statewide basis in several states, including Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Vermont, Georgia and Virginia. For more details on UB discharge collection and reporting, click here.

Comparion Medical Analytics
Comparion serves as our exclusive partner for severity and risk-adjusted provider profiling utilizing our UB discharge statewide database. Comparion is on of the nation's largest privately-held healthcare information services companies and provides an extensive array of products and services designed to measure, manage, and monitor the clinical, financial, and market performance of healthcare organizations.
Comparion's CARE™ Performance Assessment Suite is a web-based solution comprised of the Carechex® Quality Rating System and the CareTracks® Provider Profiling System. CareChex® incorporates seven (7) key components of the quality of inpatient care to assist hospitals in improving the quality of inpatient care and promoting medical excellence. CareTracks® is a comprehensive provider profiling software system that measures key financial and clinical indicators. Within the CARE™ Suite the following modules are available:

Quality Rating System

  • Hospital Quality Rating Analysis
  • Physician Quality Rating Analysis
  • Media CareKit

Carechex Provider Profiling System

  • Hospital Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Hospital Core Compliance Analysis
  • Physician Inpatient Practice Analysis

CarePoints Episode Evaluation System

  • Physician Hospital Outpatient Analysis
  • Physician Office Practice Analysis
  • Continuum of Care Analysis

Core Measures
The THA HIN offers options for Core Measures from both the Missouri Hospital Association and Comparion. For more details on these solutions, click here.


Bryan Metzger, Vice President, THA Information Services
Larissa Lee, Director, THA HIN
Pat Turri, Assistant Vice President, Data Analysis