Custom Databases and Reports

Whether you need all-payer data for the entire state or only a custom report for your facility, we’ve got you covered. THA HIN members have access to comprehensive inpatient and outpatient (am-surg, ER and observation) databases priced at multiple levels, so that you only pay for the data you need.

In addition to the standard patient and facility information, the data also includes a number of value-added fields such as all revenue codes, grouped and detailed payer codes. 

For more details, view the THA HIN Statewide Database Order Form.

To purchase data, contact Larissa Lee.

THA Data Release Policy

Please refer to the THA Data Release Policy when using the proprietary THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) data that comes from the UB discharge data submitted by members. This data can be from THA MarketIQ or from the THA HIN databases that are purchased by some members. Violations of this data release policy could affect future access to the THA HIN data.