THA MarketIQ

THA MarketIQ (MIQ) helps you Maximize Your Market Intelligence by putting comprehensive health care market share, trending and utilization data at your fingertips.

Designed exclusively for THA HIN members, this easy-to-use tool provides more than 90 report templates that you can customize “on the fly” to analyze both Inpatient and Outpatient markets. An intuitive Report Wizard guides you through the process, letting you quickly produce ready-to-use reports based on your selections.

Additionally, the system offers even greater flexibility via an advanced OLAP module. OLAP offers “power users” fully customizable report layouts with drill-down functionality and other enhanced data mining features.

The MarketIQ data source is the UB discharge data your facility provides as a participating member of the THA Health Information Network. Data includes discharge information from four key settings: Inpatient, Am-Surg, Emergency Room and Observation.

In 2007, information on selected Diagnostic Services was also made available to MIQ users via Excel pivot tables within MIQ.

If you are a THA/THA HIN member and would like more information on establishing a new user account, please contact Bryan Metzger at 1-866-2THA-HIN (284-2446). Or use our online registration form to request a THA MarketIQ user account.

THA Data Release Policy

Please refer to the THA Data Release Policy when using the proprietary THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) data that comes from the UB discharge data submitted by members. This data can be from THA MarketIQ or from the THA HIN databases that are purchased by some members. Violations of this data release policy could affect future access to the THA HIN data.