Welcome to the THA Health Information Network

The THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) was formed in 1999 by the Tennessee Hospital Association to assist member hospitals in meeting the state mandated hospital discharge data reporting requirements.

Through partnerships with other associations and leading industry vendors, the THA HIN provides members with the products, services, consulting and technical support they need to improve their facility’s efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care.

THA HIN Announcements

2020 Hospital Discharge Data System (HDDS) Manual is Available

The 2020 HDDS Manual for UB-04 reporting is available…Download Now

Please contact Larissa Lee at THA if you have any questions.

Additional UB-04 Correspondence

The UB-04 Correspondence tab on the THA-HIN website is where all notices of changes or clarifications related to UB discharge reporting are posted. Pay close attention to any notices dated after January 2020. These notices are not reflected in the 2020 Hospital Discharge Data System (HDDS) Manual. visit now >>>

Product Spotlight

THA HIN Provides Access to Market Optics

The THA HIN provides members access to our web-based market analysis product, Market Optics. The easy-to-use tool is available to all HIN member hospitals.

Market Optics allows hospitals to create market share reports from each of the databases: Inpatient, Ambulatory Surgery, ER, Observation and Diagnostic Services. For more information, or to register for a Market Optics user account, click here.

THA Data Release Policy

Please refer to the THA Data Release Policy when using the proprietary THA Health Information Network (THA HIN) data that comes from the UB discharge data submitted by members. This data can be from THA MarketIQ or from the THA HIN databases that are purchased by some members. Violations of this data release policy could affect future access to the THA HIN data.